Brad Hart for Cedar Rapids Mayor

My goal is to serve this great community; to use my professional background, my leadership skills and my knowledge and love of this community to help protect us from future floods, to grow our jobs and businesses, to make sure our neighborhoods are safe and strong and to build on the sense of community we all felt by working together after the 2008 flood and to prevent the 2016 flood. The future of Cedar Rapids is very bright when we all work together.

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Why I'm Running for Cedar Rapids Mayor

I’m running because I want to serve and help lead this community I’ve come to love so much.  We’ve made a remarkable recovery from the 2008 flood and held back the flood of 2016!  Our momentum is making Cedar Rapids a more exciting, welcoming and dynamic community than ever before, and that momentum–that can-do spirit–must continue.

We have finished repairing or rebuilding our city’s public flood-damaged buildings so we now have the opportunity to invest more of our time, attention and available funds in our businesses, our neighborhoods, and our citizens. We can work with our neighborhood associations, our schools, our businesses and our non-profits to strengthen them all and help make Cedar Rapids home for everyone.  We can engage our friends, co-workers and neighbors to connect and become part of the community through volunteering, leveraging those efforts to benefit others.

As mayor of Cedar Rapids, I will focus my attention on our long-term flood protection plan, its funding and construction.   Economic development and workforce development are also at the top of my agenda for long-term, sustainable growth, as well as developing and supporting plans and efforts to make our City safe and provide adequate and affordable housing for all.    These issues may change or evolve during this campaign. I welcome your views and insights on how best to respond to the challenges and opportunities we have as a community.

Ultimately, I’m running because I want to serve.  Serving others and helping to lead worthwhile organizations and causes is important to me.  I’m confident my professional background, my knowledge of this community, my leadership skills and my love of this community make me uniquely qualified to help lead Cedar Rapids in the years to come.

Thank you,

Brad Hart

Brad Hart for Cedar Rapids Mayor