Hear from members of the Cedar Rapids community why Brad Hart is the right choice for Mayor.

Kay Halloran

“I’ve sat in that Mayor’s chair and understand what it takes. Brad Hart has the integrity, leadership and compassion to serve our community. His commitment to Cedar Rapids is second to none. He’s the candidate with the experience to fix our streets, control the budget, create jobs and push forward with flood protection. I’m proud to support Brad Hart for Mayor and encourage everyone to cast their ballot for him.”

–Kay Halloran, Former Cedar Rapids Mayor

Gary Hinzman

“On December 5th, I’ll be voting for Brad Hart. I had the opportunity over the last six months to get to know Brad as we campaigned for Mayor. He’s a steady leader, smart and very capable to lead our city. Brad is committed to protecting our neighborhoods across the city from violent crime and will work hand-in-hand with our public safety personnel. Brad Hart is the clear choice for Mayor.”

–Gary Hinzman, Former mayoral candidate and retired director of the 6th Judicial District of the Department of Corrections

Ralph Russell

“We will soon be electing a new mayor for Cedar Rapids from eight candidates, many of whom are familiar to Cedar Rapidians. For me, the choice is easy. I will be voting for Brad Hart. I’ve known Brad for many years and can attest to his vision, foresight and dedication to the community. He will bring new ideas and new energy to many of the things the Mayor and Council will deal with in the next four years. No one is better prepared to serve as Mayor than Brad Hart.”

–Ralph Russell, Cedar Rapids City Council

Justin Shields

“After considering all the candidates, including several I have worked beside, the choice is clear–Brad Hart is the best person to serve as our next Mayor of Cedar Rapids. His priorities on streets, jobs and investment in ALL of Cedar Rapids are important.  Brad has a passion and cares deeply for our city. Please join me in voting for Brad Hart, a proven a leader who will serve our entire community as our next Mayor. I look forward to working with Brad to keep Cedar Rapids moving forward.”

–Justin Shields, Cedar Rapids City Council

Lois Buntz

“Brad Hart is a visionary leader and competent, caring professional who generously gives his time, talents and treasures to this community. He has volunteered at numerous nonprofits, fundraising campaigns, community initiatives and faith-based organizations while maintaining an active law practice.

I have worked with Brad in various capacities and he always gives 100% to any assignment he accepts. Brad has demonstrated his commitment to rebuilding Cedar Rapids through his engagement in many post flood work projects. He is a dedicated advocate for community development and improvement.

His positive attitude, strong work ethic, organizational skills, intelligence and passion are the characteristics we need in a mayor.”

— Lois Buntz, Former President and CEO of United Way of East Central Iowa

Steve O'Neil

Cedar Rapids does not lack for qualified candidates in its upcoming election. All promise to make CR a better place to live, work, and play. So, on what basis does one vote?  I say on the basis of momentum. Cedar Rapids is on a roll. It has emerged from two major floods amazingly intact and robust. Brad Hart has the plan and the passion to sustain that momentum.

As a former long standing Cedar Rapidian now living in Madison, Wisconsin, I’ve gained some perspective on positive metropolitan growth. Cedar Rapids, the future looks bright! Vote for Brad Hart on November 7th.

Brian Stutzman

“As Executive Director of Young Parents Network for the last 17 years, I have spent 15 of them working with and observing the tremendous leadership of Brad Hart. Brad’s outstanding service to YPN as Board chair and Board of Trustees chair represents only a small portion of his tireless commitment to this community, providing strong leadership and making it a better place for all of us.”

— Brian Stutzman, Executive Director, Young Parents Network

Scott Jamieson

“Cedar Rapids’ council-manager form of government is ideal for a mayor who sees his role as comparable to that of chair of a board overseeing any business or non-profit. Brad Hart is the leading mayoral candidate in this year’s election because he has decades of experience leading some of the city’s most prominent boards, including United Way, the Chamber of Commerce, Horizons – A Family Service Alliance, Young Parents Network and other organizations. This along with his years of advising major corporate clients in his work as a business attorney, make him a skilled and visionary problem solver.

No other candidate has the broad leadership experience Brad brings, along with a resume of giving to the community.”

— Scott Jamieson, Pastor and former Director of Horizons – A Family Service Alliance

Mike Butterfield

“I support Brad for Cedar Rapids’ Mayor because of his experience in bringing people together in a community leadership role. He is a problem-solver who will work tirelessly for our community. Brad and I have worked together since 2011 through United Way and in support flood protection for Cedar Rapids.”

Mike grew up in Omaha and moved to Cedar Rapids in 2009 for a job opportunity with HDR as a project manager and engineer. His wife, Heather, and met in Cedar Rapids in 2013 and are both involved in a number of community organizations and look forward to raising a family here.

Jade Hart

“In addition to all the obvious reasons Brad is a great choice for Cedar Rapids mayor (leadership, business experience, passion for our city, etc.), he has a heart for serving others. I’ve seen him live that out in a variety of ways for 36+ years. And that’s not a bad quality in a city leader.”

Jade and Brad have been married for 37 years. Together they raised two children and have two grand kids.

Keegan O'Neil

“I have never met someone with more passion for the well being and reputation of Cedar Rapids than Brad Hart. Neither do I know of anyone else with quite the combination of incredible work ethic and warm, genuine personality that Brad embodies. For these reasons and many more I proudly support Brad Hart as the best candidate for mayor of Cedar Rapids.”

Keegan O’Neil is a graduate of Cedar Rapids Washington High school (’08) and graduate of the University of Wisconsin. He has previously served with local chapters of the United Way, Habitat for Humanity, and has appeared as a guest columnist in the Cedar Rapids Gazette.

Jim Haddad

“Brad is a dedicated individual who has served his clients and the community extremely well over many years. His experience will give him the vision necessary to lead Cedar Rapids into the future.

I have known Brad since 1990 as a friend, been his client personally and with the businesses I worked for, and served on the United Way Board with him for more than six years.”

Jim previously served as the Chief Financial Officer of Yellow Book USA and currently serves on several for-profit and nonprofit boards. He is now semi-retired and offers business consulting services.

Jim Haddad

Karl Cassell

“Brad Hart has a servant leadership heart that allows him to see the best in everyone he encounters. He continues to give time, talent, and treasure to the community that he cares so much about.”

Karl Cassell is the current President/CEO of Horizons, A Family Service Alliance.

Bob Buntz

“Over the 20 plus years I have known Brad he has served as a member on my board of directors, board chair, trustee and confidant during my tenure as CEO of Alternative Services/Horizons. Brad has also served  in the same capacities with many other not-for-profits with his time, talents and passion. He will serve the City of Cedar Rapids in the same manner.”

Bob Buntz is married to Lois Buntz and has four children. He has a Masters Degree in Social Work and was the founder and CEO of Alternative Service/Horizons. He is now retired and enjoys being a community volunteer.

Kaitlin Byers

Brad is one of the most genuine and community-minded people I know! From the moment I moved back to Cedar Rapids, Brad made sure I discovered the right outlets to engage both professionally and personally. He did this because he cares deeply about people and is invested in making our City an amazing place for young professionals to live and work. Brad’s enthusiasm for the growth and revitalization of Cedar Rapids has been nothing short of inspiring and I’m excited to see where this next chapter takes him!

I have known Brad for over 20 years–family friends, church, went to school with his kids–more recently, Brad and I have volunteered for some of the same nonprofits (Young Parents Network & Leadership for Five Seasons) and continuously bump into one another at events around town. Brad and I both share a love for nonprofits, energizing people and the City of CR!”

Kaitlin serves as the Director of Development for NewBoCo and enjoys creative projects, theater, travel, and outdoor activities.

Kate Minette

“Brad Hart is my neighbor, but more importantly a passionate community volunteer, and a skilled and committed partner in service.  His focus on all the people of Cedar Rapids, local and regional services, and the future of our city is exciting and comprehensive.  Our community will be in skilled hands under Brad’s brand of leadership – one of values, integrity, and huge creativity.

Brad is my neighbor. He is the outgoing UWECI campaign co-chair and I am incoming co-chair. His law firm did work for my organization in the past, and I observed his work on the library board, including building the new library downtown.

I have known Brad for over 20 years–family friends, church, went to school with his kids–more recently, Brad and I have volunteered for some of the same nonprofits (Young Parents Network & Leadership for Five Seasons) and continuously bump into one another at events around town. Brad and I both share a love for nonprofits, energizing people and the City of CR!”

Kate previously was the General Manager and Senior Vice President at Pearson. She is now the 2017 Campaign Co-chair for United Way East Central Iowa Campaign and is on the boards at UnityPoint St. Luke’s Hospital, Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation, and Iowa Women Lead Change (IWLC). Kaitlin currently serves as the Director of Development for NewBoCo and enjoys creative projects, theater, travel, and outdoor activities.

Chuck Hammond

Chris DeWolf

Dick Meisterling

Natalie Ditmars

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